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           1 + 地區字頭 + 對方電話號碼


           011 +國家字頭 + 地區字頭(如有需要)+ 對方電話號碼 + #



請於登記後的3天,致電1-700-555-4141(免費測試電話);當聽到「城市電訊是您長 途電話服務公司,多謝!」的電話錄音,即表示您已成功登記了我們的直撥長途電話服務; 否則請致電416-502-1838客戶服務部查詢!


   國家字頭 / 時差


Direct Dialing Calling Procedure


To USA & Canada : 1 + Area Code + Phone No.

To Other Countries : 011 + Country Code + Area Code (If any) + Phone No + #





After you have submitted the application to our office, in about 3 days try the FREE testing number (1-700-555-4141) at your authorized telephone number.If you hear a voice message, "City telecom is your long-distance service carrier, thank you". You are officially connected to our Direct Dialing Service. Otherwise please contact our office at 416-502-1838 at soon as possible and please refrain from using the Long Distance Service temporarily.

Country Codes and Time differences.

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